The break

When David was first in theNICU and he was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s and duodenal atresia and respiratory illness etc. etc., I used to spend my nights and “downtime” reading up on all of his diagnoses. I searched Web M.D., googled everything, read blogs and reached out to people on Facebook. I became an Internet expert on Down syndrome and the myriad of conditions that can come with it. And then one day one of our favorite nurses said to me, “Jill, stop. The people who are thriving and doing well aren’t sitting at home writing blogs. It’s the people who are in the thick of it and completely immersed in their diagnosis the are writing blogs.”

While that was probably a bit of a overreach, to an extent she was right. And, as this blog shows, I am now one of those people. We are thriving! I don’t have the time to write daily because quite simply, we are living! David is rocking it! He is growing and moving and interacting and experiencing life. Hirschsprung’s is a distant memory (although one that will probably rear its ugly head again once “real food” comes into play). Down syndrome is a blip on the radar. Duodenal atresia is easily forgotten. David is sweet and smiley and loving and happy. He loves to dance, to make funny faces, to read books and scoot all over our house. He understands more and becomes more cognitively aware every single week. He is completely smitten with his big sister and working hard at being a good big brother (some days he works extra hard). 

He’s the rockstar we always knew he was. He is truly a typical member of our family. We grow, we live, we love, we interact. It’s no different and just the same as all of your families.

We’ll still have hurdles, we’ll still have sorrows and shed many tears. But today, it’s easy. Today it’s uneventful. Today it’s boring. And we couldn’t be happier.


The whoops

You know that dream that we’ve all had where you’re giving a big presentation at work or you’re walking into your first day of high school and you’re naked? It’s mortifying and embarrassing and you’re not quite sure when it will end? In the blog world, the equivalent of that dream is publishing a post before you proofread it.
Last night, I posted a sweet, heartfelt post about my children’s first day at school. Unfortunately, a text exchange between Jason and I was inadvertently included in the post. We used some “choice” language and it was probably more than a little shocking to those of you who were reading it. Thank goodness for dear friends who alerted me right away, and I was able to fix it on the site; however if you are a follower you received the original in your email.
I can’t apologize enough. All I can say, is I truly don’t use that kind of language in my every day life. It was a intense message between husband and wife after 10 days and over five hours of being on hold & conflicting responses and answers from our county Medicaid office. That’s not an excuse, but anyone who has ever dealt with a government agency knows the type of hair pulling frustration that often accompanies it.
Lesson learned; read, reread, and reread again before I ever click that publish button. Thanks for your forgiveness and your grace.

The changes

Fall is nearly upon us. Being married to a teacher, fall is always a fresh start for us. Back to school is always the norm for us, only this year, we’re a part of it, not just observers.
Ella is starting full day preschool in 2 weeks. She’s been in daycare, but there’s something about getting a school supply email & shopping for back to school clothes that just feels different. She’ll never not be in school again!
David is beginning a new therapy daycare that is going to be amazing for him! He’ll receive daily speech, physical, occupational & feeding therapy. He’s going to grow so much this year!
This will be the first time both our kids will be at 2 different facilities. I don’t know who it’s going to be harder on, the parents, or the kids! David loves Ella so much & she is so good with him. I’m excited for them both, but I already miss the special bond their daily interaction brings.
Here’s to a fresh start & new experiences!